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Arenas Public Skating, Family, Parent&tot and older adult skate Times

North York

  1. Angela James Arena, 7:30hrs
  2. Baycrest Arena, 6hrs
  3. Bayview Arena, 7hrs (includes 1 parent&tot)
  4. Cummer Park Arena, 6:30hrs
  5. Don Mills Civitan Arena, 7:30hrs (includes 3:30 old adult skate)
  6. Fenside Arena, 6hrs (includes 1 family skate)
  7. Goulding Arena, 4hrs
  8. Grandravine Arena, 5:30hrs
  9. Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre, 5:15hrs (includes 2hrs shared with family time).
  10. John Booth Memorial Arena, 7hrs (includes 1 parents&tot)
  11. Mitchell Field Arena, 3:30hrs
  12. Oriole Arena, 7hrs (includes 1 hr parent&tot)
  13. Pleasantview Arena, 6hrs
  14. Roding Arena, 5hrs (includes 2hrs shared with family times, 1 hr family skate, 1 hr parent&tot)
  15. Victoria Village Arena, 6hrs (includes 1 hr family skate).
  16. York Mills Arena, 5hrs (includes 1 parent&tot).

Scarborough District

  1. Agincourt Recreation Centre, 6hrs (2 hrs parent&tot+older adult)
  2. Centennial Recreation Centre, 5:30hrs (includes 3 parent&tot}.
  3. Centennial Ice Galaxy, 6:30

(includes 1:30 mini skate, 3 family skate, 2 older adult ).

  1. Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre, 17hrs (includes 2:30 family, 1 parent&tot, 10 older adult)
  2. Heron Park Community Recreation Centre, 13hrs(includes 3 parent&tot, 7 older adult)
  3. Malvern Recreation Centre, 7hrs (includes 4 parent&tot+older adult skate)
  4. McGregor Park Recreation Centre, 5hrs (includes 1 parent&tot)
  5. Scarborough Arena Gardens, 3hrs (includes 1 parent&tot)
  6. Scarborough Village Recreation Centre, 11:30hr (includes 1:30 family skate, 2:30 Parent&tot, 6 older adult).

East York District

  1. East York Memorial Arena, 5hrs (includes 3 older adult)
  2. Phil White Arena, 2hrs

Etobicoke York District

  1. Albion Arena, 4:45hrs (includes 1:45h shared with older adult time).
  2. Amesbury Sports Complex Arena, 9:30hrs (includes 1:30 public skate-family,1:30 public skate-teen,3:30h shared with older adult skate time)
  3. Centennial Arena, 4hrs (includes 2:30h shared with older adult time).
  4. Central Arena, 4:30hrs (includes 1:30h shared with older adult time).
  5. Chris Tonks Arena, 2hrs (includes 1h Public skate parent&tot).
  6. Downsview Arena, 6hrs
  7. Gord & Irene Risk Arena, 5hrs (includes 1h public skate parent& tot, 1 pulic skate-family)
  8. Habitant Arena, 5:45hrs (includes 1:15 shared older adult)
  9. Lambton Arena, 1:15hr( shared with older adult skate).
  10. Long Branch Arena, 3hrs
  11. Mimico Arena, 5hrs
  12. Park Lawn Bubble Rink, 5hrs
  13. Pine Point Arena, 3:30hrs

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