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Arenas Public Skating Times

Public Skating:

North York

  1. Angela James Arena, 7:30hrs
  2. Baycrest Arena, 6hrs
  3. Bayview Arena, 6hrs
  4. Cummer Park Arena, 6:30hrs
  5. Don Mills Civitan Arena, 4hrs
  6. Fenside Arena, 5hrs
  7. Goulding Arena, 4hrs
  8. Grandravine Arena, 5:30hrs
  9. Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre, 5:15hrs (includes 2hrs shared with family time).
  10. John Booth Memorial Arena, 6hrs
  11. Mitchell Field Arena, 3:30hrs
  12. Oriole Arena, 6hrs
  13. Pleasantview Arena, 6hrs
  14. Roding Arena, 3hrs (includes 2hrs shared with family times)
  15. Victoria Village Arena, 5hrs
  16. York Mills Arena, 4hrs

Scarborough District

  1. Agincourt Recreation Centre, 4hrs
  2. Centennial Recreation Centre, 2:30hrs
  3. Centennial Ice Galaxy, ??
  4. Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre, 3:30hrs
  5. Heron Park Community Recreation Centre, 3hrs
  6. Malvern Recreation Centre, 3hrs
  7. McGregor Park Recreation Centre, 4hrs
  8. Scarborough Arena Gardens, 2hrs
  9. Scarborough Village Recreation Centre, 1:30hr

East York District

  1. East York Memorial Arena, 2hrs
  2. Phil White Arena, 2hrs

Etobicoke York District

  1. Albion Arena, 4:45hrs (includes 1:45h shared with older adult time).
  2. Amesbury Sports Complex Arena, 9:30hrs (includes 1:30 public skate-family,1:30 public skate-teen,3:30h shared with older adult skate time)
  3. Centennial Arena, 4hrs (includes 2:30h shared with older adult time).
  4. Central Arena, 4:30hrs (includes 1:30h shared with older adult time).
  5. Chris Tonks Arena, 2hrs (includes 1h Public skate parent&tot).
  6. Downsview Arena, 6hrs
  7. Gord & Irene Risk Arena, 5hrs (includes 1h public ksta parent& tot, 1 pulic skate-family)
  8. Habitant Arena, 5:45hrs (includes 1:15 shared older adult
  9. Lambton Arena, 1:15hr( shared with older adult skate).
  10. Long Branch Arena, 3hrs
  11. Mimico Arena, 5hrs
  12. Park Lawn Bubble Rink, 5hrs
  13. Pine Point Arena, 3:30hrs

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