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City Coucillors a2006-2010 archived material

City Councillors 2006-2010
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City of Toronto Parks and Environment Committee

(see website for this committee, which is responsible for city rinks)

Other Toronto Councillors We Are Highlighting

Ward 34
Don Valley East
Denzil Minnan-Wong
City website
[email protected]
What this councillor says>>

Councillor Minnan-Wong has asked for a briefing from the Save Our Rinks researchers on Friday September 28. He is one of the few Councillors who has agreed to take some time to understand the outdoor rinks issue in detail.

Other Toronto Councillors We were Highlighting

Ward 13
Parkdale-High Park
Bill Saundercook
City website, Personal website
[email protected]a
What this councillor says>>

Councillor Saundercook is working with a particularly energetic hockey association in his ward: the Swansea Hockey Association. This councillor got the Etobicoke Community Council to put the community centre cuts on the Sept.26 City Council agenda.

City of Toronto
David Miller
City website
[email protected]
What the Mayor says>>

Mayor Miller believes that shutting the rinks for December will help the City weather its current budget crisis. He has not commented on any of CELOS' alternative proposals.

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