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2011 - 2012

Nov.17 2011

No sign of flooding or any start-up. For comparison: Dufferin Rink

Saturday Dec.3 2011

ice fine for skating

ice a bit thin at one end

3:30pm: Although the city website has maintained all week that this rink is still not open "due to mild weather," it was most certainly open. The ice looked good, though there were a few pylons on the ice that looked like they were leftover from a sunnier time of day. There were 3 girls on the ice, and a mother standing by, and 2 people inside the changeroom. There was a very friendly rink guard outside.

Inside, there were three very intimidating teenagers huddled in the staff office chatting - they all said they worked there, but probably two of them were just friends. No one had any brochures to offer, and no one knew the phone number. There were no opening signs.

Thursday Dec.8 2011

From rink user Rafael Lewis: The rink is open for skating and the ice was in pretty decent condition between 11 am and 12 pm. I counted a total of 7 people in the hour I was there, but not all on the ice at the same time. Lots of skating room.

Dec.8 -- good ice, not many skaters

rink intentionally surrounded by shade

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